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Meet The TeamThese are the folks that make things happen!

Our Team at HJGG

  • Connie Li

    Connie Li,

    Connie is a warm and passionate person whose kind words and hearty laughter inspires every HJGG member. By virtue of her rich experience and CAN DO belief, she has led HJGG to become a global leader in international trade and e-Commerce.

  • Devin Mize

    Devin Mize, IDSA.,
    Group Design Director

    Devin is an award winning designer who has worked with internationally renowned firms and has seen great success from his designs in a variety of industries. His expertise in design and his leadership as a director has helped to elevate HJGG to the global stage.

  • Lisa Lavers

    Lisa Lavers,
    Group Strategy Director

    With a keen awareness of the market demands, Lisa has applied her 20 years of marketing experience to bridge the gap between international clients and Chinese manufacturers. Her talents and skills have been a true asset to the whole group.

  • William Zhong

    William Zhong,
    Chief Operations Consultant

    Nationally recognized as a developer in the toy industry, William is also well-known as a dynamic entrepreneur whose experience in the integration of international markets and on-line business has contributed greatly in the rapid growth of HJGG.

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