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  • HJGG Team

    Welcome to the HJ Global Group, the new international trade experience!

    Hongjin Global Group has been in operations for over 12 years, We have more than 10 years experience and 200 staff in supplying some of UK's, USA, EU’s and Global top retailers, with high quality Products.  We also have selected CCIT Approved factories that compliment our service offer. We have our own R&D, Creative teams, Manufacturing facilities, Q&A , Product Managers and Logistics staff to take your products from idea to ' go-to-market'.


    In October 2015, with support of Ningbo and Hangzhou Government we started Cross-Border eCommerce Business.

  • HJGG Innovation

    We at HJGG are constantly striving to be true innovative problem solvers. Let us help you today!

    From providing the best new product design to training Chinese companies, our services reach well beyond that of most trade companies from any country. We have sought out and welcomed the best talent from every corner of China and all over the world to join us and build a team that is as exceptional as it is unique. The heart of our company and our most valuable resource is our staff whose unified goal is to finding the perfect solutions for our domestic and international partners in overcoming any obstacle. This aspect of our company culture has given us the esteemed reputation we take pride in today.

  • The Complete Trade Experience

    From the initial concept to hitting the shelves, we support all your needs!

    Have a new product idea or looking for a new solution for your business? We are the masters when it comes to the full service product life cycle. Working with Chinese manufacturing can be a daunting task when it comes to new business, and the peace of mind you are looking for is only the beginning of the service we provide. We work closely with each individual client from the very beginning to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed immediately. Through every step of the production process and on to delivery, we treat our clients as part of our team giving a trade experience you will remember.

  • HJGG Teamwork

    Teamwork is the driving factor for the growth and development in the HJGG family. Let us tell you about it!

    What does it mean to be a part of the HJGG family? Hiring talented individuals is not the end of our recruiting process, but rather incorporating their skills and experiences into a team of like-minded individuals who work together as a cohesive unit. Sharing new ideas for the improvement of all in an open and communicative atmosphere is encouraged by our managers and built into the structure of our business. Having established a strong foundation on these principles has enabled us to grow into the successful enterprise we are today.

  • Hangzhou West Lake

    Located in Hangzhou, China, we are in the center of all manufacturing and trade and positioned to be the new age of Chinese business.

    Want to take tour of the city known in China as “Heaven on Earth”? We would love to invite you to be our guest and show you around. Not only is Hangzhou known for its stunning scenery and rich history, it is also centrally positioned in the eastern province of Zhejiang, a major player in China’s manufacturing. With major shipping ports in reach, it has grown exponentially over the past few decades attracting the best and brightest from all over China. Though it is most commonly known for West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hangzhou is rapidly becoming a major center for both domestic and international business.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Research

    The best and latest products begin with our team of product developers whose in-depth research to thoroughly understand the specific needs and requirements is necessary in providing our clients the perfect solutions.

  • Step 2 Design

    Once the research is fully complete, the industrial design team will develop a 3D model to the exact specifications and parameters required. Clients will then be consulted on their digital prototype for approval of modifications.

  • Step 3 Develop

    Once a new product design has been approved by the client, we will find the most suitable manufacturer for the sampling process. Final samples, testing, and any necessary certifications will be handled before entering mass production.

  • Step 4 Deliver

    We will work directly with the factory producing you order to ensure the highest quality and timely production. We will arrange the logistics and delivery and always follow up to make sure your order is fulfilled to your satisfaction.

Why Choose HJGG? We’ll Tell You!

  • Offering complete solutions for international trade.
  • A multi-cultural team built of talents from around the world.
  • Globally minded in our pursuit of sustainable manufacturing.
  • Strategically located in the center of one of the largest production bases.
  • Continually bringing clients’ new product idea to market.
  • Partnered with an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Leaders in the Chinese international E-commerce industry.
  • All around the world, from entrepreneurs and part-time inventors to multi-national corporations, there are people coming up ideas covering simple product innovations to new products that will revolutionize their industry...read more

  • We pride ourselves in offering complete solutions for international trade. Our talented staff is adept to understanding the needs of clients and seeing that their projects are carefully monitored throughout the entire process. ...read more

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