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520JinkouCross-Border eCommerce Solutions

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    Our Advantages

    • 100% Genuine Products
    • Supported by the China Ningbo Free Trade Zone Government Authority
    • B2C and B2B products listings
    • Low Cost Business Model 

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    We are the Global SME gateway to the China Cross-border eCommerce market.


    520JINKOU is China’s new Cross-border eCommerce platform and Premier Online Shopping Destination supported by China Ningbo Free Trade Zone Government Authority. We believe we provide consumers an enjoyable online retail experience. Through our content-rich and user-friendly website www.520jinkou.com and mobile applications, we offer a wide selection of Genuine products at competitive prices which are delivered in a speedy and reliable manner.

    Our competitive advantage is that we focus only on genuine products from global overseas suppliers. We prefer to cooperate with SME’s who can supply real and genuine products to our customers. To ensure this we work with both China Government Departments and Global Trade Commissions. Our supply chain via Government controlled bonded warehouse that are (Customs Inspection Quarantine (CIQ ) followed by QR Individual Coded products ensure both buyer and seller protection against counterfeit goods. All goods carry ' Product QR Code Trace Codes" that are issued and controlled by the Chinese Government for consumer protection.


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